Facial Treatments

Spa Facial --------------------£16

This facial enables your skin to fell cleansed and moisturised as well as giving you the chance to relax with a deep massage.

Deep Cleansing  Facial ----------------£28
This indulging facial treatment takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour. After that your skin will feel refreshed, toned and moisturised.

Skin Brightening Facial -------------------£33
Duration 60 minutes. For skin with any uneven pigmentation.

It helps to regilate melanin production.

Dermafusion Facials
Choose from our range of facials such as:

Neuvoderm Power Regenerating  Facial (new)-------------------£38.00
This exceptionally facial regime from Dermafusion is a real treat for your skin. It delivers an extremely effective and nourishing skin liberating experience.
It targets the tell tale signs of ageing, diminishing lines & wrinkles, and renewing the skin elasticity & youthful texture-truly, an anti ageing facial and experience. This treatment takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.
Collagen Anti Wrinkle facial----------------£29
This treatment will deliver a fast and effective result to your skin. Whist boosting the skins natural ability to fight the signs of ageing, it will leave a radiant and fresher skin condition; with improve elasticity and a youthful glow.

Bofusion Facial------------------£40
This extremely effective anti-ageing treatment, will leave you skin toned and smooth giving a fresh glow to your skin.

Herbal remedy Facial-------------------£29
This facial is especially formulated for those problem and congested skins. It helps to decongest and deep cleansing your skin leaving a healthy and radiant look.


Duraion: 30- 45 minutes

A great way to deep exfoliate and accomplish new radiant skin.

Skin Peelings......................£55

(mini skin peelings) for a less abrassive skin treatment

a course of six is recommeded

call for more info on packages on 07950700405